Top Places to Spend Your Day in UAE

If you are into traveling, then you must have the UAE as your top priority. After all, it offers everything from skyscrapers to fancy shopping malls to beautiful coastlines. It has a mix of everyone’s choices. Also, this place is a great escape for couples who find it hard to decide a particular destination for a holiday trip. All in all, once you reach UAE, you will definitely have a flair of mixed experience and unforgettable memories when you will see the departure from it.

However, if it’s your first time in the United Arab Emirates, then you must be having a hard time choosing the places to visit. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have sorted the list of some exciting places where you can spend your day in the UAE. So, without wasting much of anyone’s time, let’s jump right into the list.


Dubai is popular for the famous Burj Khalifa, and most of the travelers visit UAE just to visit Dubai. This city is the leading city of UAE in terms of economic and entertainment purposes. It has exquisite cuisine and a wonderful sandy coast. Some of the places that you should visit in Dubai are Dubai Mall, Wild Wadi Water Park, and the Marina.


This city is the third-largest city in the UAE. It has got everything from shopping malls, water parks, amusement parks, and even a whole Island. If you like to visit holy places, then you can go to King Faisal Mosque. Moreover, if you want to escape from the world and want to enter into a mystical land, then you can visit the Island, which is near Sharjah. This city is the package of all the things that can entertain kids and adults at the same time. So for a family vacation, you can definitely try this one out!

Abu Dhabi

Whether you are with friends, family, or your special someone, this city will never disappoint you. If you are in for a full-fledged lavish treatment, then this one's for you. Abu Dhabi is popular for places like Ferrari World, Emirates Palace, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and Marina Mall. Whereas Dubai is suitable for wintertime, you can visit Abu Dhabi during summers as it has numerous waterparks.

Palm Islands

If you are into architecture, then you cannot miss out on the three amazing archipelagos Islands. However, the third one is still under construction, but the view is so mesmerizing that you should definitely go and check the Islands out. The three islands are named Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah, and Deira Island. The stunning infrastructure and entertainment centers are the center of attraction for the tourists.

Jebel Ali

You won’t find this one on anyone’s list as it is a port on the outskirts of Dubai. So people who would like to arrange a proposal for their special someone or want to spend a romantic day.Then this is inexpensive and one of the most enjoyable spots of all. So if you only have a day, then you should definitely go and spend the whole day there.

Al Ain

Although people visit UAE for beautiful waterfronts and tropical climate, if you would like something, in contrast, this city will do the job. It is literally the contrast of the overall weather and vibe of the UAE. This city has small houses covered with mountains and greenery. If you decide to visit this city, then you should certainly try its camel racing and places such as Al Ain Oasis and Public Gardens.


If you want to dig deeper into the history and heritage of the UAE, then there is nothing better out there than Mleiha. It is situated near Sharjah and has all the artifacts and sculptures that play significant roles in different eras.For example, it has tombs that are traced back to the time of the Bronze age civilization. Also, it has sculptures and artifacts of the time of the Pre-Islamic era and Paleolithic period. Therefore, if you choose to visit Mleiha, then you should visit the Mleiha Archeological Center and Al Bustan Zoological Center.


So this is it on the enthralling United Arab Emirates! Although there are more than 15 places that are worth visiting once you reach UAE. But in this list, we have covered only seven astonishing places.

However, these places are selected and made it to the list on various factors that largely focus on entertainment. So, if you want to have a memorable time, go for any one place mentioned in the list. Hopefully, you found more than two exciting places on this list to visit.