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I didn’t stumble on this solution by chance or by my incredible desire of proffering calculator solutions. Necessity they say, is the mother of invention. After an incredibly hectic week that Friday night, I told myself I had finally earned the right to rest. I had got my son and I take out on my way home. I finally settled down on my sofa after sending him to bed, turned on my TV to catch up on all the series I missed during the week.

Thirty minutes in, the reality of living as a single mum caught up to me as my ten year old son came downstairs with shouts of frustration. “Mum, I can’t seem to get my graph to work on my calculator’’, he cried out visibly frustrated.

“I thought we agreed to do the homework over the weekend”, I asked.

“I know, but I couldn’t sleep and I figured why not just get it done”.

I collected the device from him with the intention to fix it immediately but an hour later, my planned night was ruined and I was still battling with the TI-84. What better way to help everyone else from going through what I did, than share the steps to get it fixed.  Don’t get turned off by the buttons. They all have their functions. what’s more, we can move around with them.


My expertise in accounting did not do much to ease my frustration. I had to study that device. Trust me, they don’t come as straight forward as they used to anymore.


There will be five buttons at the top row of the TI-83/TI-84 calculator standing apart from all the other buttons.
[Y=]          [WINDOW]           [ZOOM]          [TRACE]           [GRAPH]

These are the buttons you need to get your graph working. These are the graph buttons.

There are some probable causes why your graph will not work. It could be that your graph function is not turned on or entered correctly or your viewing function could be set to the wrong size or location.


To check that your graph function is properly entered, push the first key which is the [Y=] button and this puts it in the editor screen. Once you do that, this should come up
Plot1      Plot2     Plot3
Make your editor screen is not blank. You can try a simple “Y1=X”. This should give you a simple graph. To check that your graph function is turned on, pay attention to the “=”sign after the Y and see if it is subtly highlighted.


If it is not, place your cursor on it and press the [ENTER] key. That should get it sorted.

The last check is your viewing window. If it is set to the wrong size and location, your calculator can be performing its functions invisibly.

Simply zoom out using the [ZOOM] button. Press it and press the number “3” until your functions are visible. Then press [WINDOW] button to adjust the sizes correctly.


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